13 no-code tools that you should use if you start a business

Historically, the creation of apps and websites was something exclusive to an IT department. Depending on a developer to complete your project could cost months of waiting and a lot of money. Now, thanks to the emergence of no-code tools, it is possible to create attractive and ready-to-use interfaces in less time.

13 Herramientas no-code que debés usar

Advantages of using no-code for entrepeneurship

Getting your product to market quickly is essential to get feedback from real users and iterate quickly to improved and adjusted versions. This can be a problem if you do not have an in-house technical team and outsourcing the development to a programmer or traditional agency increases costs and reduces the fluidity of the process. The use of no-code tools will help you get around these problems and will allow you to:

  • Greater business agility: Being in the digital world requires adapting to the constant technological expansion, customer expectations and market changes. The implementation of no-code allows you to obtain quick solutions to any challenge that may arise.
  • Reduce time and increase productivity: You can optimize basic tasks and focus on the most important and relevant ones for the growth of your company or your product.
  • Lower investment: Generating websites and apps yourself or hiring a no-code agency is more cost-effective, reducing time and costs up to 4 times less than traditional coding. This is an important aspect for small businesses or entrepreneurs looking for their MVP.

List of no-code tools

Here is a list of no-code tools that you can use according to your needs as an entrepreneur:

  • Notion. Management and organization tool that is ideal if you are in the initial phase of project development and need to organize ideas and objectives. It allows you to create dashboards for your company.
  •  Carrd. We recommend it to create websites, as a landing page to present the product or to measure the market performance of your project idea.
  • Webflow. It allows you to create complex websites in terms of design and functionality and manage content through its CMS, with the possibility of generating multi-page sites such as blogs or e-commerce websites.
  • Sharetribe. It is especially for building e-commerce like Mercado Libre or Airbnb. You will be able to generate income by exchanging products or services.
  • Adalo. It is a good alternative if you want to develop a mobile application. It has pre-designed templates for you to use.
  • Glide. Like Adalo, you will create mobile apps but from Google sheets in a few minutes.
  • Airtable. It is a database and a spreadsheet at the same time, which will help you organize your work processes efficiently.
  • Retool. With a drag-and-drop interface, you will be able to create internal management tools with tables, buttons, text boxes and others in a simple way and in a very short time.
  • Zapier. Ideal for automating actions and linking data between different web pages and apps.
  • Active Campaign applications. This tool has CRM functions to manage relationships with customers and users in, for example, marketing campaigns.
  • Stripe. For monetization and payment management, widely used in e-commerce.
  • LandBot. It will provide you with a chatbot in minutes. You can configure your own response flow or select from the available templates.
  • Typeform. This tool allows you to collect data in a more entertaining way for your users. It is especially for creating submission forms or surveys to attract potential customers and facilitating data collection. 

These are just a few of the many tools that we have surveyed at Fluo, and that we will be sharing with you in future articles and posts.

About FLUO

Our agency is ready to accompany your project and solve the problems you face in the digital world. We are a team dedicated to creating digital products and finding creative solutions. We use no-code tools that accelerate time and reduce costs by up to 4x versus traditional code. We are passionate about this work! Check out our projects here.

Conclusions about 13  no-code tools that will help you with your business

As you could see, there are many tools to grow digitally and commercially in a simple, fast and code-free way. Thanks to them we can save time and resources. The best of all this? It opens the doors to anyone who wants to start a business and does not have the necessary knowledge to develop, thus becoming a citizen developer.

 Going digital has never been so fast, you too can become an entrepreneur! If you want to learn more about no-code, visit our website.

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