Create your e-commerce without spending a fortune and without code

If you have a business and you are thinking of going digital, what you need is e-commerce. In this article, you will find its main advantages, functionalities and how to create your online store without spending a fortune using codeless tools.

What is e-commerce and its place in the economy

E-commerce, electronic commerce or online store is a system for buying and selling products or services through the Internet. These stores offer the possibility of a unique sale for businesses because they are open 24 hours a day, every day of the month. In addition, since they are hosted on the web, anyone from any place and device can access them and see the products and services offered, providing the possibility to buy at any time and save waiting times that are generated by visiting physical stores.

Among the main advantages of online stores we find:

  • Possibility of growth and expansion of your business thanks to access to a global market, eliminating geographical barriers.
  • Being able to approach more and new customers outside the limits of physical stores and thus increasing sales.
  • Increase the supply of products and services without making a large investment. 

Let's move on to the place of online stores in the economy. Statistics made by the Argentine Chamber of E-Commerce show that online sales continue to gain space: e-commerce grew during 2021 by 68% compared to the previous year, with a turnover of one trillion five hundred and twenty billion pesos ($1,520,000,000,000,000). This translates into 196 million purchase orders (20% more than 2020) and 381 million units sold (52% more versus 2020). In addition, 684,459 new shoppers were added last year, bringing the total number of online shoppers to 20,742,665.

As we can see, we are facing a way of making transactions that offer multiple advantages for both buyers and sellers. Let's see what our online store should be like and what advantages it offers us.

E-commerce with no-code and low budget

 No-code tools allow you to create basically almost anything. From applications to web pages, without using traditional programming languages. If you want to know more about no-code you can read this article.

One of these tools is Shopify. It allows you to create online stores that suit your needs (whether they are small solutions or large projects) easily, quickly and with very little budget. To develop them, it offers multiple free or paid templates and you can also design them from scratch giving it the features you need, although this adds another complexity to its use. In addition, its management system is centralized. So you will be able to measure your orders, evaluate the status and make decisions more quickly.

Now that you know how no-code development can suit your business, let's see the parts that should be included in your e-commerce.

Partes y características de un e-commerce

  • Visual identity: How your online store looks are how customers perceive your company. It is very important to create the store following your brand identity and communicate through the graphic elements (typographies, colours, structures, etc) your essence and mainly security, to establish trust in the users. It is also necessary to check the quality of the images, from the resolution to the light level of the images, so that your products can be visualized in the best way by your customers.
  • Ease of use: Your site's task flows should be simple and what customers are looking for should be easy to find. Functionalities such as a search bar, a menu with categories or a filter system for products are very easy to use and benefit the user experience. Another very important element is the shopping cart, which should be visible throughout the site.
  • Product catalogue: It will detail the prices, features, descriptions and availability of the products or services you offer.
  •  Easy payment: At the moment of payment the order information must show in detail what is going to be purchased and how much is going to be paid, clearly and visibly. You can also set up different payment methods, such as transfers, card payments, etc.
  • Customer service: Customer experience is of the utmost importance. What they will remember most is the attention they receive, from the moment they visited your site for the first time, to the delivery of the product. A very common and effective practice is a FAQ section, where users can find answers to situations that generate doubts in the purchase process, for example. Another very effective way to address doubts is a chatbot available 24 hours a day through artificial intelligence. If you want to know more about automations that can help you in your business, we recommend this article
  • Contact: Having a contact page, with numbers, email addresses and social networks of your company, allows you to generate more trust and closeness with customers. The same purpose has a section dedicated to the company, where the history of the brand is told and the team is presented, among other information.


Although statistical reports for the year 2022 are not yet available, everything indicates that e-commerce in Argentina continues and will continue to grow. If you want to be part of this "no-code tide" and improve your business and its processes do not hesitate to ask us about our e-commerce development service. We are a no-code agency and we can help you, by investing a fraction of the time and money you would spend on traditional programming.

to know more about us and learn more about no-code visit our website.

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