The 3 best sites to learn to code without code

Increasingly, no-code is leaving its place of being "just a trend" to become a new sector of the technology market, which implies the emergence of new agencies and, consequently, new jobs. In this article, you will find the best places to learn non-code development and prepare yourself for the future, which is already here!

Opportunities that no-code generates

What we think is important to highlight about no-code is that it dispenses with programming languages, which breaks the barriers of technical knowledge, transforming the process of creating digital products in a more agile, faster and lower cost. For all this, new opportunities appear in the market such as:

  • New development agencies specialized in no-code are created since the demand for this way of working is increasing. Like us! :)
  • The creation of new no-code tools spreads and becomes a new economic opportunity. One example is the unicorn companies, which are companies that reach a valuation of more than 1 billion USD, Airtable being one of them.
  • A new professional profile is appearing: the no-code specialist.

Here are three places to train and be part of the no-code movement.

Sites to learn no-code programming

numerous sites offer different no-code learning options on the net, but here are the most outstanding ones:

  • Nocode.Tech: It is one of the most recognized and important online academies about no-code. The content they offer is free and is divided into learning paths by tools or by levels of knowledge.
  • NocodeHackers: This academy offers several free resources and short courses but its content is mainly paid. It also offers an 8-week online Bootcamp, which is also fee-based.
  • Nocoders.Academy: This site offers a very large list of free resources and tutorials, as well as 1-on-1 tutorials with experts in the area that can be paid or not, and they will soon launch their academy.

Outside of the specific no-code learning sites, you can also find resources and academies on pages such as Bubble Academy, which is one of the best-known tools A similar site is the Zapier Learning Center or Makerpad, where you will find tutorials and templates of all kinds. Finally, you will always be able to find free content on the websites of no-code tools to learn how to use them.

Platzi offers a very complete path to learn how to develop without code, but it can be accessed by paying a subscription.

In addition to the sites mentioned above, there are many free resources on the web such as videos, templates and notes that you can receive weekly through our newsletter

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What can be created with no-code

Through no-code tools, you will be able to create simple products such as web pages and other more complex ones, such as e-commerce or a mobile application. Below is a list of some of the possibilities that you can create without knowing how to code:

  • Mobile apps: There are several tools that allow you to create these applications. One of the most popular is Google's AppSheet, which facilitates the creation of applications through Google Sheet spreadsheets.
  • E-commerce: If it comes to online stores, where you can buy and manage sales, there is no tool like Shopify to make them quickly and easily. 
  • Websites: You can create from personal sites, blogs, social networks or commercial pages without code using tools like Webflow. If you are interested in this topic you can read more in this article. 
  • Automations: You will be able to create workflows, collect and present data, automate actions, and even help you in your marketing strategies using tools such as Airtable and Notion for management and database, or Integromat or Zapier for automation and integrations. 


No-code is not a replacement for the traditional way of development, it is not about that, but about filling the gaps that traditional programming cannot reach. The reasons for these gaps can be several: high costs, a slow learning curve or high prices. No-code is a very convenient alternative, offering speed and accessibility in a market in continuous growth. If you want to read more content about no-code you can do it on our website

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