Why it is better to create your MVP no-code

Have you come up with a digital product and need to know if it can work? Do you have a project in mind and need to validate it? In this article, you will learn why it is better to create your MVP using no-code.

por qué es mejor crear tu mvp no-code

Create an MVP no-code

To define what MVP is and how it can serve us, we must first understand how we can create it. Here is where no-code comes in. We are talking about a movement that arises from the accelerated and constant technological changes of today, which generate problems in the field of developers since these changes are complex and hard to follow. This difficulty causes shortages when it comes to hiring technical personnel, generating an accumulative gap of unresolved needs.

The no-code appears to solve this situation, translating the programming language to predefined elements easy to use and understandable for non-technical people. So, in addition to democratizing technological development, even more, we are faced with a fast, agile and accessible alternative. All of the necessary components to create a good MVP. 

Among the best non-code tools used to create an MVP are:

  • Bubble: For creating websites to applications from the browser.
  • Webflow: To design simple to complex websites, such as e-commerce.
  • Glide: For mobile applications that connect with Google Sheets databases.
  • Shopify: For building online stores quickly.

What is an MVP?

In the past, companies used to release their first launches with almost finished products, after a long investment and extensive development time. Because they had no prior interaction with their target users, those first releases mostly ended in commercial failures, so a new way was made to stop this from happening.

That solution is the MVP, which is the first version of a product. The "minimal" version only has the main functionalities to satisfy the customer's needs. This is a real product, i.e. a website, a service or an application that is implemented with low investment and has enough basic features to be tested with potential customers already in the market and get immediate feedback.

What is MVP for?

To quote Edward Bono, the creator of the 6 Thinking Hats theory, "An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea". This sentence sums up the potential and importance of making your project tangible.

An MVP helps to reduce the time, effort and resources invested in a product. Its creation involves the development of the main functionalities that need to be tested in the market with real users. This way you will be able to validate your hypothesis more quickly, with real-life data that will provide you with information about the needs and preferences of the users you are targeting. This translates into knowing whether your idea is useful or not before investing time and resources in the final product.

So, a Minimum Viable Product will tell you which features and functionalities are the best, what should be changed or if your product has market potential. The key to its use lies in the enormous flexibility it offers since what you are doing is minimizing risk, so you can keep tweaking until you receive or find the answer you were looking for. 

Conclusions about MVP no-code

To materialize your idea it is necessary to test it. For this, there is no better option than no-code since it offers the speed and low cost needed to iterate and get closer and closer to what your users need. 

If this situation identifies you, do not hesitate to ask us about the services we provide for the creation of MVP without code. Do it through our website.

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