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We help entrepreneurs and organizations build digital solutions in a fraction of the time & cost. We use no-code tools that allow us to build your product in 10% of the time as a standard developer would take.

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Digital Product Builders

We build digital products focusing on the user, and utilize proven no-code tools as simple building blocks.

NoCode Fast Development

We know the advantages and limitations of the most popular (and hidden gems) tools of the no code world. We leverage proven and versatile blocks and build the product in 10% of the time as a standard developer would take.

What do you get?

A fully functioning solution tailored to your needs.

From idea to MVP

We help you understand what’s the smallest product you can build to test your ideas, and set up a plan to make it

What do you get?

Business goal definition and prioritization, tech specs definition, high level user flows, user journeys.

User Centered Design

We apply design thinking tools and techniques to make sure the user experience is as enjoyable as possible, providing them what they want when interacting with our product.

What do you get?

User flows, wire flows, wireframes, styleguides.


We use visual tools that enable us to focus on the user and the business.
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Quick Launch MVP

We help entrepreneurs and innovators validate their ideas in record time, focusing on going out to the market and listening to audiences as efficiently and quickly as possible. Turn your startup or organization into an idea testing lab with minimum cost and effort.

Effortless Job Automation

We design and develop tools and workflows that are scalable, easy to use, and incredibly undemanding to maintain, allowing organizations and teams to focus on their core business and leave time-consuming work behind.

Easy-to-use Internal Tools

We help teams within large organizations solve complex problems, reducing time and saving money.
We apply the most effort in devising, together with our clients, how to build the most amazing and easy to use products.

Our team

We are a team of project managers and designers passionate about solving problems with technology.

We love to take on challenges: working with clients, exploring possibilities, searching for the best tools for every job, solving issues swiftly, and coming up with a good-looking solution.

This brought us to start fluo.

Our work

Sobr. Dating App

Sobr. is a Fun and engaging social networking platform designed solely for the sober community.

It's based on other social apps such as 'OkCupid' or 'Tinder', but with HumaneTech principles applied.

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¡Te quiero, Diego!

Te Quiero Diego is developed in the wake of death of Diego Maradona, famous soccer player and presonality in Argentina.

The purpose of this product is to honor his memories and to be a place for his fans to leave their messages

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Docentes Que Inspiran

Docentes Que Inspiran is a tribute to the most outstanding teachers in Argentina. It seeks to mobilize the entire community for a better education with inspiring stories of those exceptional teachers who leave a decisive mark on their students.

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Fondos Cohen

Cohen is an independent group with over 80 years of experience in the financial markets, devoted to build and preserve the wealth of their clients and families.

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