Cohen is an independent group with over 80 years of experience in the financial markets, devoted to build and preserve the wealth of their more than 6.000 clients and families providing them with agile and personalized attention.


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The Challenge

The main challenge was to rethink and redesign outdated resources for their user's internal platform.

We had to build the site using Cohen's BrandBook and to create a design that could be easily applied and deployed to any platform, following web design standards.

It was also necessary to maintain a fluid communication with the development team that they had.

"Our mission is to offer high-quality financial advice.We focus on the "Know Your Customer" principle to define your profile as an investor and adapt it to each specific need."

Cohen website

The Solution

We used Figma to create a full design system and components to be easily replicated in any developing enviroment.

The resources that were used on the website were renew and updated to customer needs and requirements.

Counseling was maintained once the work was completed to keep the same criteria in new elements.

β€œWe design and execute investment strategies for each type of need. We accompany our clients in the negotiation of all the financial instruments authorized in the main markets of Argentina, Latin America and the world.”

Cohen website

The Results

πŸ–ŒοΈ Full custom design following Cohen's design guidelines and BrandBook

🧩 Modular / components design resulting in a scalable and adaptable system for new content

🌐 Using of correct web practices for easy replicate in any developing enviroment

πŸ“ˆ Enhancement of the mutual funds section of the site

πŸ—Ί Improvement of the site navigation

πŸ›’ Increase of the conversion rate inside the site

β›΅Ease of navigation within the sections involved



Our work

Sobr. Dating App

Sobr. is a Fun and engaging social networking platform designed solely for the sober community.

It's based on other social apps such as 'OkCupid' or 'Tinder', but with HumaneTech principles applied.

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Β‘Te quiero, Diego!

Te Quiero Diego is developed in the wake of death of Diego Maradona, famous soccer player and presonality in Argentina.

The purpose of this product is to honor his memories and to be a place for his fans to leave their messages

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Docentes Que Inspiran

Docentes Que Inspiran is a tribute to the most outstanding teachers in Argentina. It seeks to mobilize the entire community for a better education with inspiring stories of those exceptional teachers who leave a decisive mark on their students.

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Fondos Cohen

Cohen is an independent group with over 80 years of experience in the financial markets, devoted to build and preserve the wealth of their clients and families.

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